“I want to be the bridge to the next generation.”

- Michael Jordan

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

For most young people, the journey from childhood to adulthood is full of change, uncertainty and challenges. Along the way, they may experience stress at school, self-image doubts, relationship dramas, and pressure to choose a career path – things that are often considered to be part of the growing up process. These are challenges that no one, especially the very young, should have to face alone.


However, specific and sincere praise focused on effort and improvement is an effective motivator for most young people. Those who feel supported and who are given evidence that their opinions are valued will begin to feel part of something larger than themselves. These positive feelings can have a powerful effect on motivation and often make young people want to continue an activity and even try others.


Through consistently positive dialogue, children can be guided and motivated to attain their goals and are more likely to stay on track during their teenage years.

Role Models On Tap

For kids to grow and stay on track during their adolescent years, it's vital they receive support from their peers. So imagine the impact on a child who receives a little positive reinforcement or even some casual remarks from their sporting hero. It could help generate the right frame of mind for them to grow up better adjusted and more confident. 


As a result, Fanzland will introduce its chatbot Ulti-Mate. By simulating online sporting personas, Ulti-Mate becomes a friend, coach and mentor, anywhere, anytime. 


Aside from strengthening connections fans feel for their heroes and making sporting franchises seem more accessible, Ulti-Mate’s social capabilities has endless possibilities. It will educate young people on topics of health, nutrition and fair play, raise awareness of issues like gender inequality, shift public perceptions and heighten the profile of disability sport. 

The Best Thing To Spend on Kids Is Time

Fanzland doesn’t just focus on the physical development and sports skills of young people.  As members of the Fanzland community, children and teenagers will have access to more than just sensible physical exercise, sports-skills training, and fandom. 


Fanzland aims to help young people to develop holistically. That means making the right life choices and finding the role in society that’s best suited to their interests and aspirations.

Together with a team of leading behavioural change experts, Fanzland will create its chatbot Ulti-Mate that provides young people with plenty of reachable challenges, as well as praise and encouragement to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. Wearing a variety of “hats” from friend, coach, advisor, to counsellor and mentor, Ulti-Mate will provide unlimited personal guidance and support, anytime, anywhere.

Real Chat, Constructive Chat, Safe Chat

Children may often feel that the good advice they receive in person from  guidance councillors is delivered from a position of authority they aren’t sure whether to respect. There could be hidden agendas that do not take individual needs into account.


When confronted by adults who are accepted as having authority, children will often fail to represent their feelings and opinions. They have learned that one says “yes” to those in authority, no matter how one may feel about what has been said.


Now, imagine that the same good advice is given by a chatbot or human operator in their favourite online game. The scenario has changed completely. The young person is the player and therefore the “client” or person in authority. He or she is far more likely to be open about emotions, preferences, and aspirations. 


This allows Fanzland to reach young people in fun, useful, and meaningful ways in an environment that presents the least friction possible. We can deliver a huge range of services in an informal, relaxed, non-bureaucratic and non-threatening manner – perfect for young people who may be lacking in confidence.

It's A Jungle Out There

Growing up involves facing some tough challenges, especially as teenagers cross the threshold between childhood and adulthood. Academic pressures, relationship woes, and the big question of which career to pursue place huge pressure on young people at a time when they are still developing emotional resilience.


Trained youth councillors work with Fanzland to devise personal development plans that will help to ready young people for further study, skills training, and the workday world. Like the physical development plan, the personal development plan will consist of a series of achievable goals and milestones. 


The aim of the personal development plan is to support young people, help them to make wise choices, and at all times make them feel valued and respected. It will provide direction and encouragement on their journey towards adulthood, and certified counsellors will be available to give extra advice as needed. 


Ulti-Mate will also assist young people in liaising with schools, colleges, universities, employers, training providers, careers guidance specialists, and other support services as appropriate to ensure that they receive high quality support and guidance during an important period of adolescent development. 

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