School's Out

Thanks to features that go beyond age-based profiling, Fanzland teaches kids what schools can’t by targeting the individual with the physical education lessons he or she needs to learn. 


The community is diverse. Girls, boys, able-bodied and disabled, advantaged and disadvantaged: children can come together on Fanzland. Adulthood is just around the corner, and the sports-based life lessons children learn on Fanzland will be the ones they implement as the adults of tomorrow.

Do Not Pass Go

Because student bodies consist of so many children, it’s difficult for educators to break away from a cookie-cutter style of education and learning. The approach is a pragmatic and inflexible one. 


It’s assumed that what works for most will work for all – and with very specific outcomes to aim for, it’s difficult for schools to break out of the mould and meet kids halfway. When it comes to sports, the most promising athletes get all the attention, leaving those who need training most feeling side-lined and lacking in value.

In A Class Of Their Own

Sports educators can turn to Fanzland for the extra help they need. Best of all, it will be in a format that children love – an online game and social networking community. 


Make it an activity for which they earn social media bragging rights and online game points, and they’ll be raring to go. Interactivity and personalization are the keys that turn physical training into a fun activity – and when kids are having fun, they’ll give it their all.


Educators can use Fanzland to overcome the difficulties they face when training multiple children of differing physical ability with limited personnel and funds.  Giving as much attention to those struggling to develop as they do to those most likely to win can be hard for sports educators, but Fanzland helps them to do just that. 


Teachers who are interested in using Fanzland to get kids motivated and active are welcome to contact us for information on how they can use Fanzland as a coaching tool.

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