When Sports Aren't Fun Anymore

The motivational forces of play cannot be overstated. When young people enjoy an activity, they want to do more of it and when it stops being fun, they stop playing. 

Keeping Kids Motivated

Fanzland provides an online game that will include all the elements kids enjoy: imagination, interaction, challenge, and group loyalty. And if their online game says they’ll score points for physical activity, they’ll get right out there, do it, and enjoy it. With immediate rewards to follow, online gaming translates into offline activity.

Through active play, young people are more engaged in testing out ideas that involve imagination and creativity. They will make choices and decisions, show independence in thought and action, sustain physical and intellectual engagement, and experiment with ideas -  all while having fun. In other words, play helps kids to develop all of the cognitive skills that Fanzland consider desirable.

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