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Children's Public Health Specialist

Dr Daniel Sher

Clinical Psychologist

Matthew Olesiak, MD

Resident Psychiatrist


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Jun 10, 2018

A Tailor Made Approach


There isn't one magical formula to positively develop our children, that’s why a holistic approach can provide a wealth of opportunity and growth.

New Posts
  • Yoga isn't just for adults or the super bendy! Children can actually get a lot of benefit out of taking part in Yoga. For example, yoga can help kids to: Develop body awareness. Manage stress through breathing and relaxation techniques. Build and improve concentration. Increase self esteem and confidence. Be part of a non competitive group. Tunes them out of their electronic devices for a little while. Helps them understand how to use their body in a healthy way. So as you can see, there are many benefits to kids doing yoga, and with more and more children's yoga classes popping up around the country, now is a great time to get them started!
  • All children are different, and that's the beauty of them. From a young age we can begin to see their unique personalities grow and with it their confidence. That’s why we cannot expect generalised tactics to promote wellbeing. Children, like adults, require individual attention and support.
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