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Learn how Fanzland will tackle these sports-related social issues and join us on the journey! We need your support.

4 posts

Childhood obesity is nearing a pandemic. Join Fanzland to reverse this trend.

2 posts

It's easy to associate video games with inactivity, but can we utilize gamification techniques to encourage sport?

2 posts

Biology should never determine the sports available to you. Fanzland aims to break down these barriers.

2 posts

Role models have the ability to influence our youth in both a positive and negative manner. Who should we trust?

2 posts

Ongoing budget cuts are affecting the quality of physical education in schools. Fanzland aims to challenge these issues.

2 posts

Fanzland is more than a game. We utilize long-term development strategies to reduce juvenile crime and unemployment.

2 posts

Fanzland will always push through the stereotypes & perceptions that are placed on individuals.

7 posts

In a world governed by technology, Fanzland aims to harness it's benefits to better motivate children into sport.

3 posts

How can a holistic approach improve development and ensure the physical and emotional welling of children?

3 posts

Sports fans are a powerful community, with the potential of raising awareness on sports-related social issues.

3 posts

Millions of young people face social barriers due to one's age, race, gender and sexuality. Fanzland caters to all!

2 posts

It's as simple as that. People of all ability have the right to play quality sports and we aim to make it assessible.

2 posts

Fact. Kids quit sports when it's no longer fun. That's why Fanzland reaches kids the way THEY want to be reached.

2 posts

We believe the best way to encourage social change, is to promote social inclusion. Interconnected sports between all.

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