Going Visual

YouTube channels and Instagram accounts can have a following numbering in the tens or hundreds of thousands, and there are countless contenders jostling to stake a claim to online fame. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always led to healthy activities. Dangerous selfies have even resulted in fatalities. But what if kids could be assured of an admiring audience without taking risks?

The Young And The Relentless

Kids are alive to the potential for recognition that images and videos hold – but the downside is the possibility of negative attention rather than affirmation. 


With Fanzland, kids can share their sports-related images and videos without fear of cyberbullying. Moderated comments allow their peers to praise or give positive advice, but don’t allow negativity or outright nastiness.


Having a ready-made fan-base adds extra motivation to sporting adventures – and watching others at play provides additional inspiration. 

Look What I Can Do!

Imagine this – you’re keeping friends posted on what’s going down at the game – or even at sports practice. It’s real, it’s immediate, and that adds to the fascination.


Image and video-sharing allows Fanzland users to share updates with interest and age-group-appropriate members in real time.


Add a healthy focus and moderated interaction, and we have a powerful tool for motivating young people to seek out positive influences and showcase their own achievements in real time.

Caution - Kids At Play

Fanzland provides an eager audience with a shared interest in sports and fitness. They want to know what their peers have achieved. And it doesn’t even have to be something that requires spectacular skill. Something as simple as a secret handshake or a successful progression towards physical fitness – even games with an agile pet – can generate unprecedented interest given the right exposure.

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