Driving Social Change

Sports fans of all ages are known for the atmosphere of excitement they create. Having sport in their lives not only generates passion, pride, excitement, and a sense of belonging, but sports fans forge and maintain very real, unified social bonds and sense of kinship or extended family.

A Powerful Community

The global sports fan community makes up some of the largest, most engaged support-based communities on earth.

When sports fans take on a cause outside of sport, they bring that passion, emotional attachment and sense of belonging to the cause they have chosen to support. The shared trust and united effort of sports fans results in a highly influential community that crosses boundaries. 

Reaching a large community that transcends cultural and socioeconomic boundaries may seem like an enormous challenge, but sports fans provide an easily reachable audience with sports loyalty as common-ground through which to reach them and effect significant social change.

​Through Fanzland, we will draw on the untapped potential of sports fans to raise awareness of underexposed issues, spark important conversations, and shift public perception, while providing fans with the assurance that their voices will make a difference.

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