Are You Game?

Nowadays, platforms that offer news feeds and messaging between fans are two-a-penny, but Fanzland offers much more than that. 


Players simply create and link a profile to their favourite sports teams.  These embrace football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, American football, rugby, tennis, golf and cricket. 


Within minutes, players can start chatting to like-minded fans and enjoy being kept up to date with the latest news and live sportscasts. But to get the most benefit from the passion and thrill of being a sports fan, we wanted more than messaging and news feeds.

Gameify it with Fanzland

By gamifying the fan experience, Fanzland makes it much more fun and interactive with three game modes:


  • Challenge mode, where skills are tested against others to win instant satisfaction. 

  • Tournament mode, where fans rally together and play against other virtual teams in a global gaming community to be crowned champions. 

  • And Story mode. Story mode is more than just a game. It's a single-player narrative that takes young people on a journey through a series of sports skills, tasks and challenges allowing them to play, learn and complete real, open-ended projects at their own pace, in their own way. ​

All Fanzland’s features contribute to compelling, exciting and varied gameplay that also ties in with real-life sports events, making them even more exciting to watch. The golden thread of participation runs through all elements of the game, encouraging players to have fun with both real-life and virtual sports.


Players can prove their real-life sports knowledge through competitions with super prizes as rewards. Accurate predictions earn rewards and recognition. Supporting real-life sports just got even more exciting, because your Fanzland team now has a stake – and everyone wants those prizes!


Together, teams deploy selected players, make substitutions, and compete for a top-ranked position on the leaderboard. As the game unfolds, rankings change constantly – and even if your team isn’t doing well to begin with, a comeback is always possible. The result is unprecedented engagement – you now have a personal stake in the results of major sports games and tourneys. 

Experience Points and Achievements Across Game Modes

In-game and physical exercise achievement rewards from all player modes mount up – but Tournament Mode remains the most popular option. It can be tackled as an individual – or Fanzland leagues can work together to compete against other leagues and improve their chances of winning great rewards.


Players are aware that their physical and fan-related participation level influences their League’s standing. This motivates them to follow sports and achieve their suggested training goals – but since participation is voluntary, effort will be rewarded with praise from team mates as well as the coveted in-game rewards.


Simply participating earns Experience Points (EP), the game currency that extends into real world offers and benefits. Players also receive in-game activity badges and rewards that can be redeemed in our online store for merchandise, tickets and even real training equipment to improve their skills. 

Play, Be a Fan, Participate, WIN

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